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Browse our range of vintage and retro light bulbs and lighting and add a stylish element to your home or business lighting, including Edison vintage Light Bulbs, Globe Light Bulbs and more. View the ratings for our vintage bulbs and see what customers are saying about our range of vintage bulbs. All orders are 100% secure.

VINTAGE BULBS offers a range of vintage bulbs for your home at the best prices online.

From domestic to commercial use, vintage bulbs add a definitive, vintage atmosphere to any space.  Vintage bulbs typically have a lower lumen output (brightness) than traditional light bulbs, usually under 400 lumens. Vintage bulbs give off a warm yellow/orange colour, because of this are usually used for decorative use as opposed to lighting or reading lamps.

There are various shapes that the vintage bulbs come in:

  • Vintage Edison Bulb – by far the most popular shape for vintage bulbs, and the most recognisable of the antique or retro shape for light bulbs. They have a oblong shape with a ‘nipple’ at the top.
  • Victorian Light Bulbs - normally shaped like an A-shape light bulb.
  • Chandelier Light Bulbs – typically designed for chandeliers or wall sconces, they are small tapered light bulbs.
  • Globe Light Bulbs – round shaped and come in a range of sizes, and often used in clear fixtures, exposed light bulb fixtures or pendant light fixtures.
  • Oversize antique light bulbs – an eye catching light bulb, used to make a statement, these can be any shape but are at least 12inches long offers an easy and convenient way to shop online for a variety vintage bulbs for your home or business at the best prices online.