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Enjoy your garden whatever the weather by installing outdoor lighting and garden lights. We have an our extensive range of outdoor lighting and garden lighting from decorative to practical, including decking & patio lighting to light up your patio, flood and spot lighting to enhance a particular spot in your garden, outdoor lanterns for a soft and warm glow when entertaining, outdoor string lightsoutdoor table lightsoutdoor wall lightspathway lighting to light up your garden paths, pond lightsrope lightssecurity lights to deter any unwanted intruders, solar lights for a low-cost effective way to add light to your garden, umbrella lights & more. Find the latest offers for outdoor lighting and garden lighting. Check out customer rating and read reviews to see what customers are saying. All orders are 100% secure.

Outdoor Lights

There is a lot of variety and options to consider when deciding what type of landscape lighting you will install in your garden or outdoor space.

Outdoor Lights are a great addition to any garden for lots of different reasons. Outdoor lights bring practicality and a visual appeal to your garden and outdoor space, not to mention extending your evenings for when you host a warm summer party or enjoy a barbeque in the garden with friends and family. Having outdoor lights will also make it safer for you and your visitors to walk, and well-lit houses can also help deter any unwanted guests. Our extensive range of outdoor lighting whether low voltage outdoor lighting or solar lights, are available in a wide range of uses, styles, finishes, as well as light bulbs, to suit a range of tastes.

  • Location lights - These could be flood lights and other outdoor lights that are used to light up a big area. These are idea for parks, play areas etc. Check out our range of flood lights.
  • Pathway lights - These are a great way of lighting up paths and walkways to your front door or specific areas of your garden or outdoor space.
  • Garden lanterns – Incorporate the lovely warm glow of candles into your outdoor dining and garden space, everything from hurricane lanterns to beautiful rattan solar powered garden lamps.
  • Outdoor String Lights – Bring a little magic to your garden or outdoor space by handing string lights around your garden on trees, shrubs, poles, etc., as string lights are quite easy to install. Our extensive range of outdoor string lights and fairy lights available in a wide range of uses, styles, finishes, are sure to add that perfect finishing tough to your garden. Check out our range of string lights and fairy lights.
  • Security Lighting – Keep your home safe and deter would be intruders from approaching your house. Security lighting is a great way to light up the outside of your house, offering high powered lighting including motion sensor lights, floodlights, PIR, sensor and solar lights to light up your patio, garden, pathways, front door, gates, storage sheds, etc. Check out our range of security lighting 

Outdoor Solar Lighting

When you are outside during the day you won't require much light however at night you will value the lighting that you have installed using solar power. There are different types of outside lighting using solar power; flood lights, pond or swimming pool lights, garden lights, post lights, area lights, security lights, solar flag lights and indication lights. If your outdoor space or garden is dark invest in outdoor solar lighting that will work even when the power is off, and trees are down.

The soft radiance from solar lights calms and unwinds, they are not bright and, in your eyes. Investing in outdoor solar lighting for your garden or outdoor space is a clever cost-effective and useful option which is also very affordable.

Your outdoor lighting source may be a lamp, an overhead light, a deck light and or a flash light, just to name a few. Explore how outdoor lighting using solar power can help you light up your outdoor space with the huge selection available. Check out our range of solar lighting.