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LIGHT BULBS offers a range of light bulbs for your home at the best prices online.

During the day, pendant lights, ceiling lights, even floor and table lamps not only enhance the décor of your room and home but can show your personal style. Put in the correct light bulb, and these lights can really enhance your home and style, bringing out features in your room, but also providing subtle lighting for those cosy nights in.

It is important to choose the right light bulb for your light fittings; different light bulbs can give your room and home a certain mood depending on the light bulb that you choose. Today there is a tremendous choice of light bulbs, and you will need to consider the following:

  • Which cap fitting will you need – this will depend on your lamp or light fitting.
  • Technology – which type of technology will suit the ambience you are trying to create in your room or home? The 3 types of light bulbs are Halogen, Energy Saving (CFL) and LED.
  • Brightness level – lumens or wattage? Wattage is the quantity of electricity needed to light a light bulb. Lumens is the quantity of illumination that the light bulb produce
  • Do you want warm or cold light?  Units called Kelvin (K), ‘colour temperature’ are used to verify if a light bulb will give a warm or cold light. Light bulbs that have a low Kelvin value produce a warm yellow light idea for producing a calming atmosphere. Light bulbs that have a higher Kelvin value will give a light that is more brighter and stimulating. offers an easy and convenient way to shop online for a variety light bulbs for your home at the best prices online.