GU10 LED Energy Saving Light Bulbs 5W (x10) Direct replacement for Halogen 50W spotlight bulbs - fit to downlights, spotlights and lamps - 120 degree beam angle with beautiful Natural white light for better light coverage - Non Dimmable.

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Manufacturer Description

Saving money on your electrical power bills just got easier

90% Energy Savings using LED technology

- Would you prefer to save approximately 90% on your electrical power bills?
- Would you prefer to improve light protection from your GU10 bulb instead of all the light being focused into one spot?
- Do you have problems with your bulb getting very hot and in some cases getting stuck in the light fitting?
- Do you hate having to wait on your bulb to heat up to its complete brightness?

5W energy effective LED Bulbs to replace 50W Halogen equivalent

The New chip technology used in these 5W LED energy effective bulbs makes it possible for the bulb to produce the same quantity of light as a 50W Halogen bulb. This provides a substantial saving on running costs, in some cases approximately 90%.

Conserving money with much better light protection and long life expectancy

- These bulbs have a 120 degree wide beam angle to provide much better protection of light minimizing the quantity of shadows and dark areas of your room.
- With beside no heat generation these bulbs will not fume even after being on for long lengths of time, therefore not overheating and harming your light fittings.
- The instantaneous start will have these bulbs at complete power with a gorgeous natural white light (4000K/420lm) as quickly as you flick the switch, no more waiting for your bulb to reach complete capacity.
- These bulbs have a lifespan of 30,000 hours which means if a bulb remained in use for 3 hours a day it might last approximately 20 years in comparison to 2-3 years for a halogen bulb.
- Fitted with a frosted glass diffuser making these ideal for any room in your house consisting of living spaces, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Bedrooms, Dinning spaces or even your office.

The manufacturer Zizz 24-7 are offering a 2 year 100% cash back guarantee with every purchase of these bulbs

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Product Features

ENERGY SAVING - These impressive GU10 5w LED spot light bulbs are a perfect replacement for energy consuming GU10 Halogen 50w spotlights. Giving up to 90% savings on electricity bills. WIDE BEAM ANGLE - No more dark corners as these bulbs have a 120 degree wide beam angle giving a wider coverage of light compared to 38 or 60 degree halogen bulbs. With a very bright beautiful natural white light (4000k/420 lumens) to light up your room. NO HEAT RELEASE - No more burning your fingers when changing a bulb, No more over heating and getting bulbs stuck in the light fitting. Cool to touch, even after many hours of use. EXTREMELY LONG LIFESPAN - 30,000 hours of use. If a bulbs estimated usage is 3 hours of use per day they will last 20 years against a Halogen bulb that is estimated to last just 2-3 years. 2 YEAR MONEY BACK GUARANTEE - UK Based supplier offering a no risk purchase with a 100% money back guarantee with these quality bulbs.

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