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Welles 3 Light Semi Flush Light by Endon

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Lighting Buying Guide

It can be quite confusing deciding what type and style of light fixtures and fittings to buy for your home or outdoor space that reflects your lifestyle and preferences. When it comes to lighting, few of us pay attention to details, whereas a thoughtful approach can help you bring to life your very own home in ways that add drama and ambience to any space just the way you imagine; right out of the home décor books.

Start with a realistic list of the lighting fixtures you need for each section of your home or outdoor space. With lighting, you need to consider beyond the trend, as you would not want to buy a fashionable lamp only to change it next. Split the areas you want to work on – indoor and outdoor, and have a list of the rooms that you want to work on, for example:  

  • Interior lighting: Living room, Bathroom, Study room, Bed rooms
  • Outdoor Lighting: Patio, Driveway, Garden

Before you decide how much you want to spend on your lighting, it is a good idea to write a plan of what you want to achieve with your lighting and how many units you will need. A good lighting plan will include the following requirements:

- What/which areas to highlight and illuminate
- Improve on poorly lit areas
- Give a room or space the desired ambiance
- Provide safety and security

Once you have your list, you are then able to set prioritise and decide which is urgent and needs to be done first and work your way from there. You can decide to do everything in one go, or do it in stages, choosing to do one section at a time, and the beauty of a plan is you can adjust it as you go along.   

Here are a few tried and tested indoor lighting solutions:

Indoor Lighting

Ceiling lights these can add a great deal of charm and elegance to a room.

Ceiling fixtures are not only pretty but can also be used to feature important areas in any room in the house. Ceiling light fixtures come in different styles and sizes and to suit any budget.

Pendant lights are hanging lights suspended from the ceiling, and pendant light come in a variety of finishes and styles and can create the most interesting impressions in any room.

Low lights are fixed directly in the ceiling and recessed lights can be used as spotlights in all rooms.

Track lighting is a light or series of lights mounted to a metal track, which can be moved, swivelled, or rotated to suit your immediate lighting needs.

Wall Lamps a must when you need to create highlight and accents in your home, adding soft shades to your room’s décor. They can practically be used anywhere, from the bathroom to the dining room. Indirect lighting decorates a wall space, and when used creatively can offer the most intriguing combination of art and décor themes. When used in bathroom, you can highlight specific areas, like above a mirror, or your vanity and can include a shade to minimize the glare. There are a wide variety of modern and mixed wall lights available in different colours, styles and effects.

Wall-mounted fixtures or wall sconces can be fixed to walls, and can be used to highlight paintings, art work and other décor areas, they illuminate the surface of a wall and add a touch of sophistication and warmth.

Swing-arm lamps brilliant for study and work and offer flexibility and function.

Table Lamps, desk lamps or task lamps serve well in the study room. Used to highlight specific work areas, you get a wide variety right from task light, dimmable and adjustable desk lamps that can swivel and swing and can be used for a variety of functions.

Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor lighting is equally crucial to highlight important zones for safety and security as well as to provide right amount of illumination for outdoor life. Here are some important types of lights,

Path lamps essential lighting to highlight walking path that leads to the front door or garden, it’s the lighting is used to line up a path.

Patio Lights in patio and outdoor areas, can be hang on the wall next to the front door, or in an open entrance, or outside the house on walls that lead to the garden.

Floodlights brilliant for highlighting a favourite area like sitting area in the garden, or a great looking plant for outdoor theme.

String lights are traditionally festive lights but can bring a new dimension to your garden or outdoor space when you light them on a tree or a path during outdoor parties or to highlight trees and shrubs.

Lanterns offer an interesting contrast to modern décor, you can light up lanterns to highlight the yard, lobby, backyard, entryway, or driveway.


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